Bliss Corporation launches their new collaboration with 3BEE

Jun 8, 2022 | General, Information Portal, Members news, News

Environmental sustainability and the health of our earth are issues that Bliss is very committed to, and every year they try to support related projects, those that they believe in and that they are pleased to share with all of their stakeholders, in the hope that by sharing via technology, public interest will move towards such important issues and get more and more people to commit to them. This is why we are sharing the Biss press release that discusses their new collaboration with 3BEE, an agri-tech company and start-up founded in 2017 that has succeeded in equipping 3 thousand beekeepers with a beehive analysis and monitoring system, enabling them to intervene quickly and in a targeted manner on bees, in order to preserve their health and limit their deaths by 30%. These mechanisms have, as you can imagine, a very important feedback effect on the environment and the air we breathe.

Read more here on Bliss’ website.