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Pcoach is the newest Pirelli Family approach on the sustainable human development world; an all-in-one revolutionary virtual “University classroom” providing the most friendly and effective environment for offering and requesting tools focused on personal growth.

Pcoach offers you a unique, full-range experience thanks to the high quality and advanced technology of our platform, given that it provides activities such as coaching, training, assessment, webinar, talking with high-profile guests or following a mentor or, if you prefer to work by yourself, it also provides a selection of and courses ready to be downloaded.

Pcoach was built with two different audiences in mind, in one platform.

Our Partners (Coaches, Mentors, Trainers, Advisors) working on an ERP system which aims at managing and building contacts and activities, allowing for make the best use of their time, delivering the best experience ever to customers.

Our Community (End Users, Students, Companies, etc.) are those who wish to have the choice to select the best professionals to meet their personal enhancement goals, and companies who wish to escalate their Human Resources and improve their human potential.

Choose among the multiple opportunities for skilling employees. From a family company to a multinational, we offer paths on how to grow and consolidate skills and knowledge of your human capital. Pcoach helps  you to achieve your mission and goals, working on a rigorous road-map to attract financing, to incorporate best practices and to propose personal branding and identity especially when kicking-off a start-up. Creating a focused and strong team is the first step to be able to see a brand surfing the market.

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[ITA] Siamo un’Azienda che si occupa di Corporate Wellbeing sui 3 pilatri: psicologico, nutrizionale e sportivo; lo facciamo attraverso percorsi di coaching aziendale, consulenza Welfare, formazione e progetti di benessere psico-fisico ed eventi aziendali.

La nostra realtà offre consulenza e servizi ad alto livello, per co-creare insieme all’Azienda una cultura del lavoro più felice e sostenibile, unica ed autentica, per battere la concorrenza, attirando e trattenendo i migliori talenti, aumentandone le loro motivazioni, creatività e benessere giorno dopo giorno. Sviluppiamo progetti formativi personalizzati ed in base alle esigenze dei nostri clienti.

La nostra consulenza inizia con un’analisi di Clima aziendale che misura il livello di benessere percepito dal dipendente nel proprio ambiente di lavoro.

Questo approccio offre un’indicazione molto potente su quali siano le strategie direzionali e le azioni per migliorare il clima organizzativo che devono essere intraprese.

Attraverso un progetto costruito su misura saremo così in grado di creare un Piano di Azione Wellbeing, di svilupparlo, di monitorarlo e di misurarne l’impatto.


[ENG]  We are a Company that deals with Corporate Wellbeing on the 3 pillars: psychological, nutritional and sports; we do this through corporate coaching, welfare consultancy, training and psycho-physical wellness projects and corporate events.

We offer high-level consultancy and services, to co-create a happier and more sustainable, unique and authentic work culture, to beat the competition, attracting and holding the best talents, increasing their motivations, creativity and well-being day by day. We develop customized training projects based on the needs of our Customers.

Our job begins with a Company climate analysis that measures the level of well-being felt by the employee in their work environment.

This approach offers a powerful indication of what management strategies and actions to improve the business climate must be undertaken.

Through a tailor-made project we can create a Wellbeing Action Plan, develop it, monitor it and measure its impacts.


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+39 3493222833 – +39 3473495354
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Via Roma, 25 – Segrate (MI)