BCCI DE&I Action Champion Network – Materials

Guidelines for Social Media posts

  • Formal naming “BCCI DE&I Action Champion Network
  • Short naming “Action Champion Network
  • The objectives of the BCCI DE&I Action Champion Network are:
    1. Observatory on key indicators
    2. Self-discipine protocol for inclusion
    3. Knowledge sharing & training within the Working Group
    4. Training and informative sessions open to the wider public
  • Always tag the British Chamber:
    • Instagram
    • Linkedin
    • Twitter
    • (No Facebook presence)
  • Use HASHTAGS where possible:
    • #ActionChampion
    • [Ask Maria Luisa for other HASHTAGS] 
  • Always follow Chatham House Rule (no attribution of content discussed in meetings)
  • In posts avoid Criticisms, Naming & Shaming,… keep communication positive.
  • If using shapes, try to use Hexagon
  • When using colors, try to use gradient (it shows progression vs categories)



Pacchetto_Loghi BCCI (Zip File)