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    Special Sustaining Membership - may register their branches free of charge - Cost per annum €3,500Sustaining Membership - may register up to ten branches free of charge - Cost per annum €1,800Corporate Membership - may register branches at Euro 170 each - Cost per annum €750

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    UniCredit SpA, Ag. 34300 Milano Edison — Account No 000101978687 IBAN: IT850200801600000101978687 - BIC/Swift code: UNCRITMMXXX

    I/We accept, in compliance with Art. 9 of the Articles of Association of the Chamber, that notice of resignation of Membership must in all cases be given in writing and may be given at any time. However, unless such notice is given THREE MONTHS before the issuing of the annual Membership fee, the payment of the subscription for the ensuing year shall be obligatory.

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    We ask that you authorise us to record your interests & preferences, so we can invite you to the events that you may be interested in and ask that you authorise photos/videos because our events are typically documented by photographers and denial to being photographed may result in denial of access to the event.

    FOTO & VIDEO DURANTE GLI EVENTI!: Presto espresso e separato consenso alle riprese fotografiche/video effettuate in occasione di eventi/manifestazioni/convegni organizzati dal Titolare, al fine della trasmissione ai partecipanti e per l'eventuale pubblicazione sulk riviste e media istituzionali, anche on line, del Titolare.

    INTERESSI & PREFERENZE: Presto espresso e separato consenso alla profilazione dei miei dati, in base agli interessi e preferenze espresse, nonchè al ruolo aziendale, al fine di inviare comunicazioni istituzionali mirate.

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