Bliss Corporation | Official Sponsor of BCCI Summer Aperitif

Jul 12, 2022 | General, Information Portal, Members news, News

Many thanks to Bliss Corporation for sponsoring our annual Summer Aperitif, held this year at Rotonda della Besana, Milan on 5th July 2022.

We were delighted to welcome their President and CEO Francesco Argirò, who said,

The bond that unites the members of a network is based on the mutual exchange of value. Relationships are successful when they are based on the win-win principle. We therefore consider it essential to give all BCCI members the best advice, suggestions and support on the complex activities we manage in the area of Global Corporate Relocation.

Francesco Argirò

President & CEO, Bliss Corporation

The BLISS Corporation was created with the objective of helping families (including their pets) to move and relocate from one country to another, whilst eliminating the typical stress associated with this type of change. At the very least, they reduce the possibility of damaging goods and offer the maximum level of comfort, whilst providing great care and attention to the whole family, including four legged friends, as they settle themselves in their new house and new country. Specifically, BLISS deals with:

  • International relocation for families and business people (BLISS Moving & Logistics),
  • Relocation and immigration services (BLISS Relocation),
  • and International transport of domestic animals and related services (BLISS Pet Services).

Each one of the businesses belonging to the BLISS group has decisive autonomy and carries out their activities with professionality and ethics. You can count on them providing a premium service in the Global mobility sector, with: Certified staff, with many years of experience and high specialisation in their own fields

A network of international agents, contacts with customs, airports and institutions to make the process of moving as fast and easy as possible ISO 9001:2015 management system, to guarantee only the highest standards of service.

By choosing BLISS, you will have a specialist consultant at your disposition who will follow you from the beginning until the end of the relocation process.