ILS International Language School: free of charge LANGUAGE LEVEL MAPPING SERVICE for BCCI members

Jun 25, 2021 | Information Portal, Members news, News

How well do the employees in your company know English? Are you aware of their true English language levels?

During the months of June and July 2021, ILS International Language School is offering its LANGUAGE LEVEL MAPPING SERVICE to members of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy free of charge.

Our comprehensive LANGUAGE LEVEL MAPPING SERVICE can be an especially valuable tool when a company needs to:
• Have a clear picture of the precise CEFR language levels of its staff
• Analyse language skill levels linked to various company departments or professional roles
• Plan for an internal reorganisation or identify candidates for international roles
• Evaluate a language training plan

The team of language experts at ILS International Language School will fully plan and manage all steps in the language screening. We will contact the participants for our online language test and organize an individual speaking test with each person. Lastly, we will provide the company with an easily readable and detailed report on the state of the art in terms of language skills.

For further information or to activate the service in your company, please contact Peter Luntz at ILS International Language School on 02.72002665 or via email