ILS is now a TOLES test center

May 20, 2022 | General, Information Portal, Members news, News

Are you studying or working in the field of law? If you don’t want to limit your knowledge and skills to the local level, you could use a certification that attests your level of English. ILS Milano is a Test center for Toles (Test of Legal English Skills). Since 2000, it’s the only exam recognized internationally by the “Law Society of England and Wales” which assesses legal expertise and evaluates language skills in the legal field.

What is TOLES all about?

The exams are jointly owned by «Cambridge Law Studio Limited» and «Global Legal English Limited».

These allow lawyers and students of international jurisprudence to demonstrate their language skills in specific  areas of knowledge which are highly valued by employers, such as international business negotiations, business documents and cross-border contracts drawn up in English.

Studying and taking a TOLES exam is good preparation for international lawyers who intend to take a course for the qualifying exam for lawyers.

The exams are hosted by a secure platform and are carefully monitored, which means that candidates are observed during the exam by the laptop’s webcam and also recorded. These recordings are checked after every examination session. In this way, there is a guarantee that the strict examination conditions have been met. The candidates can take the exam on any of the dates available throughout the year without having to attend a specific venue.

The TOLES exam is available at three levels

  1. TOLES “Foundation“: 90-minute online exam, testing English legal vocabulary at an elementary/intermediate level.
  2. TOLES “Higher“: 90-minute online exam, testing English legal vocabulary at an intermediate/higher level.
  3. TOLES “Advanced“: 120-minute online exam, testing English legal vocabulary at a higher/advanced level.

Why is it important to take TOLES?

Once you have obtained your certificate, whatever level you choose, you can show it on your Curriculum Vitae and demonstrate your legal skills in English to your employers, who can only consider it as an added value not to be underestimated in their choice.

For more information on exam sessions and available dates, contact ILS at today!