Notice to all Members

Jan 24, 2024 | General, Highlights, Information Portal, News

​Dear Member,

Would you like to have an official role and a direct say in the running of your Chamber?

You can do so by taking a seat on the Chamber’s Governing Council. The Council meets quarterly to review, discuss and set the Chamber’s strategy and has overall responsibility for its business.

As a Chamber member, you may nominate anyone you choose to a place on the Chamber’s Council by writing to the President, providing details of the nominee, brief particulars of his/her qualification for the role along with a written acceptance from the nominee. The nomination must be countersigned by two other Chamber members. All nominations received by the President on or before 31 March will be considered and voted upon at the AGM to be held on 26 June. Alternatively, upgrade your membership to Sponsoring Sustaining, and you will have the automatic right to appoint a representative to the Council.

Equally, if you would like to make any motions for consideration at the AGM, the same rules apply – just send the President details of the proposed motion, countersigned by two other Chamber members, by 31 March and it will be considered and voted upon at the AGM.

If you have any questions, please write to the President at Alternatively, you can always consult the Chamber’s articles of association at this link.

Kind regards

The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy


You can choose from a range of sponsorship opportunities, including branding, speaking opportunities, and event marketing – for further information please contact:
Maria Rosa Allegra, BCCI Business Development Manager
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For further information please contact:
Maria Luisa Fantoni, BCCI Marketing & Event Manager
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