Recording available • THE RENAISSANCE SERIES – EP.3 BRITISH MINDSET • 13 Oct. 2021

Oct 14, 2021 | General, Information Portal, News, Sustainability

On October 13 – BCCI and Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher hosted a webinar on British Mindset, the third episode of our Renaissance Series.

It was a highly informative seminar and such an interesting conversation


About the project

“The Renaissance Series – Sustainable Human Development” is a powerful series of webinars focusing on the individual and the new set of challenges we are all faced with as we operate in the new professional environment that has recently undergone significant twists and shifts. Covid, Brexit and a series of globally relevant social issues have contributed to changing the way we work, the way we communicate, the way we make decisions, in ways that no one had anticipated and without warning or time to prepare.

Dealing with what some called the “new normal” is not just a matter of how good we are at using new technological tools, but it encompasses a wide spectrum of little things which, combined, have the power of making our lives better or worse and impact on our ability to reach personal and professional goals.

With the Renaissance series, the Chamber aims at giving its members fresh, applicable and effective means of rising to the challenge and maximize one’s potential by selecting and engaging experts from each field who are uniquely equipped to provide the participants with food for thought and opportunities of individual human growth.