Spotlight of the Week | Adele Nardulli, Founder & CEO of Landoor – Your Translation Partner

Sep 22, 2023 | General, Information Portal, Members news, News

For our spotlight person of the week, we turn our attention to Adele Nardulli, the founder and CEO of Landoor – Your Translation Partner, who has authored a book titled “Si fa presto a dire smart: la strada per lavorare in modo intelligente,” which translates to “It’s easy to say smart: the way to work intelligently” in English.

“It’s easy to say smart” was conceived as the story of our sustainable company, Landoor, with Adele Nardulli as the founder and CEO. It is our book, our soul. It took three years to write and thirty years to nurture it with content.

In a world where the concept of work is undergoing radical transformations, Adele shares in her book an enlightening vision of the future of work, emphasising the importance of an intelligent work culture founded on trust, autonomy, and the well-being of the staff.

Within the book, Adele not only shares her thoughts but also gathers testimonials and best practices from pioneering companies in the world of agile work, providing a valuable guide for entrepreneurs aiming to successfully navigate this new landscape.

Trust and collaboration lie at the core of Landoor’s philosophy, and, as emphasised in the book, we firmly believe in creating a working environment that values each individual, promoting a balance between agile work and moments of sharing and growth in a physical presence.

This is not about a new way of working, but about organising smart working or remote working in an intelligent way. It is not about everyone being at home to save on space or everyone in the office because that way they can be controlled, or hybrid being understood as being two days in the office and three fixed and pre-established days at home. The fundamental concept is flexibility, which has always been at the forefront within Landoor.

And the journey does not end here. This is simply the first step in a cultural operation that aims to overturn the paradigm of relationships between people, in the world of work and beyond, because “smart working” is not teleworking; it is a way of understanding one’s¬†working and personal life in an inseparable and harmoniously built wholesome manner.

We extend an invitation to everyone to read “It’s easy to say smart” and join us in exploring the path towards a more sustainable and humane future of work.


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