Spotlight of the Week | Associazione laValtidone

Oct 6, 2023 | General, Information Portal, Members news, News

This year one of the Val Tidone Association’s members has launched a new initiative called “Matrimoni fuori Comune”, which is an opportunity for couples who desire to celebrate their special day in an unconventional venue in one of the many venues located in Ziano Piacentino, surrounded by rolling countryside hills and vineyards.

For example, couples who would like to marry in one of the 7 authorized venues in Ziano Piacentino can make a request through their own residence town, and the papers will be filed there allowing them to perform their ceremony “fuori Comune” in Ziano, but still be legally registered in their own town archives.

So far 59 couples had their “Matrimoni fuori Comune” in Val Tidone’s townships. Many of these are religious ceremonies, but there are numerous civil weddings and an official from the Administration of Ziano Piacentino performs the rites, including the President of the Val Tidone Association and Councilwoman Elena Januszewski, who is very pleased to officiate these joyous events.