‘Spotlight of the Week’

Jul 28, 2023 | General, Highlights, Information Portal, News

The BCCI is excited to announce our new ‘Spotlight of the Week’ campaign, where we will recognize a wide variety of stellar individuals, notable achievements, and company milestones from within our #BCCICommunity. Through this campaign, we aim to celebrate our members’ successes, recent initiatives and goals and facilitate relationships between members.

Spotlights will be featured in one of the three categories (People, Projects, or Milestones) and will be shared on a specific day each week to create continuity.

We hope that you will enjoy and take part in this initiative to get to know our community members even better!

Please contact Maria Luisa Fantoni – BCCI Marketing & Event Manager at marketing@britichamitaly.com to submit colleagues, projects, events, or any company spotlights