Tétris Italy: (re)imagining tomorrow’s workplace

Jul 22, 2020 | Information Portal, Members news, News

With the rise of remote working and the realisation that focused work can take place anywhere, the attention now shifts to tasks that require a common space.

With the changing nature of the office, we will see a shift to the “hub and club” model where central HQ offices will be used for socialisation, and meeting customers, putting people experience at the core of the workplace.

Meeting, exchanging ideas and collaborating with teammates will be central to tomorrow’s workplace. We foresee the inclusion of spaces that will allow for safe collaboration for varying periods of time, supporting different teams – this will result in a fundamental shift toward Pivot Spaces.


What is required to design around these specific tasks?

Multifunctional spaces that support a variety of tasks, Pivot Spaces aim to foster teamwork, showcasing a company’s culture and creating a sense of community. The design uses furniture to guide users around these space. (Re)imagine a space that:

  • allows teams to gather, plan and assign weekly tasks, exchange ideas, and collaborate.
  • supports interaction with clients during digital presentations and face-to-face negotiations.
  • is multifunctional and conveys the essence of a company’s brand and sense of community.
  • is a safe zone designed to ensure that users feel at ease, knowing that their health is important, achieved through appropriate furniture choices and finish selections.
  • makes use of technology at every turn; a smart office that is easy to use for employees and guests alike.

All of these design considerations take place in the wider context of sustainable design principles and the augmented workplace and Tétris is (re)imagining the workplace with real people and their safety and comfort in mind. 


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