A new Westin Palace, Milan is blooming

Mar 10, 2021 | Information Portal, Members news, News

On Monday, March 15th, 2021, the iconic hotel in Piazza della Repubblica will reopen its doors to guests, starting to reveal its new design, result of a renovation plan of common areas – lobby, The Lounge Bar and meeting rooms – following the restyling of the guestrooms completed in 2018. The new design will be fully unveiled in the weeks to come.

Design firm Irene Pansadoro has worked on the whole project, taking inspiration from the two souls of the hotel – a refined 1950’s style with clean lines and the grandeur of the Empire style – with a contemporary twist. Refined details, an elevation of the original architecture and a new elegant color palette will introduce guests to a remodeled atmosphere of timeless luxury.


The reopening will also introduce a new concept of hospitality, designed to bring guests closer to nature, restoring the roots of the indissoluble bond between us and what surrounds us. A Biophilic Westin is blooming. The doors of the hotel were left wide-open, letting colors, plants and landscapes integrate their majestic beauty in the renewed interiors.

Be ready to come across a new immersive experience from your first step in. The new Westin Palace, Milan is in full blossom.