Assistenza Legale: Pandemics are Global, Culture is Not

May 16, 2020 | Covid-19, Tax&Legal

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has proven beyond a doubt that economies and workforces are global. During the past few months, unemployment has increased by an alarming rate. Those employees who still have work have had to make sacrifices as they shift to telecommuting and try to remain productive during a tumultuous time. In case there was any lingering doubt, 21st century companies depend on global markets in order to survive. This said, it is critical for businesses to understand how different cultures shape international and cross-cultural work. This paper will outline how differences between Italian and American cultures have led to the creation of divergent work styles, how new methods such as smart working or telecommuting have been implemented within the US and Italy, and what those differences mean for life after the coronavirus pandemic.

By Juliette Raymond and Cristiano Cominotto


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