BCCI Webmeeting series on VUCA with Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher

May 26, 2020 | Information Portal, Members news, News


 Following the very positive feedback from the previous seminars for Sustaining Members on Resilience, Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher, learning consultant and coach, accompanies Chamber members into the world of VUCA (Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity).


A profound change from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly.

Metamorphosis is antidote to stagnation, antidote to a fixed mindset.
The purpose of this series on metamorphosis is to use the energy infused into our system by an outside disruption like CoViD19 to create a growth mindset that allows us to thrive in a VUCA world. It’s not about the strategies it is about the mindset that allows the formulation of such strategies.

A mindset that focuses on better understanding who we are as a human being.
How we redefine our essence and how we want to emerge into the new uncertain world.
We decide the form and substance of our goodness.

Our metamorphosis mindset will allow us to constantly redefine ourselves, opening constantly new possibilities in a VUCA world to stay true to ourselves in infinite shapes and forms.


60 min facilitated interactive Webmeeting + option to stay for a 30 min virtual aperitivo
Max 10 participants ● Language: English / Italian


Interdependence has increased not only in our supply chains, decision making lines but also in our personal lives. It is unclear who moves first, what the impact of my words and actions have and how we are seen from further away. It is figuring out not so much where we end and begin but what we need and what we can offer in order to increase our impact and showing up with our core goodness where it counts.



Where will we end up? Old truths are no longer valid. Statistics will not provide guidance, last months practices have become obsolete. What is emerging? How can we combat anxiety and worry about our future?
Working through a complex case we will define for ourselves a way to focus our efforts on what is within our control and close to our core goodness. Defining questions and data points that allow us to create focus and understanding.



Everything is constantly changing. Recently with a suddenness that caught us by surprise promising an even more uncertain and volatile future.
What can we hold on to? What will give us stability? Do we need stability?
We will work on initial stimuli to start answering these questions for ourselves moving towards a clear vision that will serve us as a guiding light in volatile circumstances.



Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher is a Learning Consultant and Coach at Infinity-Unconventional Education.
She supports her clients where credibility, presence and impact in culturally diverse and otherwise complex contexts are critical to their success. Her style is described as reflective, profound and action centred with a pinch of humour.
Elisabeth has worked as business consultant, director of marketing, facilitator and coach in 12 countries on four continents and is currently based in Milan, Italy.
Her solid business background combined with her extensive expatriate experience benefit her corporate clients in sectors as diverse as automotive, oil & gas, luxury, retail, consumer goods, start ups and the public sector.
Elisabeth is an author of book chapters and several articles on leadership in complex environments and expatriate leadership.