Bliss Corporation continues to amaze the world of Global Mobility

May 17, 2022 | General

Bliss Corporation, with 250 years of collective experience, is committed not only to helping people and families move all over the world, but also to saving them time, priceless commodity. Today Bliss Relocation, the newest branch of the group, officially joins the Partners Immigration Network, an association which, through collaboration in sharing knowledge and experience, becomes the focal point from which opportunities for growth are born, recognised through the use of the word ‘excellence.’ The members of the Partners Immigration Network say that membership plays a fundamentally important role,leading to the decision to allow only one representative per country. Partners Immigration provides immigration services and support to individuals and companies in more than 50 countries worldwide, within a national market in which it asserts itself with respect and stability.


Giulio Argirò, General Manager of Bliss Relocation says: “Joining the Partners Immigration Network is a truly important step for our company, which conveys to the world of Global Mobility the dimension of complete affirmation of our company among the specialists in the sector at an international level”.