BritchamItaly: More volume to the voices of female CEOs

Apr 9, 2021 | D&I, Inclusive-Finance, Information Portal, News



Last March 8th, like many others, we took a moment to celebrate women. We did it by celebrating the women at the helm of our own organisation. Women who contribute to our business community with their virtues and perspectives. However, even though our Chamber is very attentive to seeking gender balance, the challenge is not easily overcome. One of the biggest obstacles to reaching a fair number of women to share their perspective in high profile settings is the relatively small number of women in top management. To help us bring more female voices to our strategic meetings we have decided to kick off a #BCCIGenderBalanceCampaign to recruit them. We are not doing this to favour women, we are doing it to favour our community, because we believe a more diverse and inclusive community is a better and more resilient community.

So for the next two months, until the end of May 2021, EU month of Diversity, we will offer a 50% reduction in joining fee (i.e. the first year of membership) for any business which is led by a female CEO or equivalent wishing to join our vibrant #BCCICommunity.