Feb 15, 2020 | Regional Chapters

Salvatore Tramontano
Honorary Regional Secretary for Campania

The Regional Secretary for Campania is Salvatore Tramontano.
In 1990 Salvatore graduated in economics and business in Rome and started his professional career in the family firm of accountants and lawyers founded by his father in 1964.
Later in 1997 he moved to London and became manager of a consulting company in the field of international tax planning .

In 1999 he returned in Italy and resumed his activity at the firm, where he activated a new field of consulting, international tax planning. Mr. Tramontano’s Business Consulting Firm offers assistance to guide Italian Companies and Corporate towards the internationalization of their business, anticipating and resolving any problems arising from the lack of knowledge of the markets and the rules that govern them. His firm involves many partners in its network, Laggan & Associates Ltd, Emy Trustee Srl., GEIE European Center of Study and many others to guarantee highly qualified professionals adding great value and support to the services.

He is the managing director and owner of the Trust Company “Emy Trustee S.r.l.”.
Since 2000 he has held the role of Member of the Board of Directors of “Professional Association of Chartered Public Accountants and Corporate Experts of Naples”, managing the Department for International Business Affairs, and he is the promoter of the scientific conference “Spring in Naples”, an International Symposium held in Naples in the spring, which this year is going to host  the thirteenth edition.
Salvatore also holds the position of CEO for Professional Association of Chartered Public Accountants and Corporate Experts Foundation – Naples.



Studio Tramontano Emy Trustee S.r.l.

Via Mariano d’Ayala, 1380121 Napoli – Italy

Tel.: (+39) 081 5524483 Mob.: (+39) 335 6215513


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