Emilia Romagna

Feb 10, 2020 | Regional Chapters

Roger Warwick
Honorary Regional Secretary for Campania

The Regional Secretary for Emilia Romagna is Roger Warwick.

Roger lives in the countryside not far from Bologna. “A town big enough to be a real town but small enough for human contact.  The first thing you learn is that the locals talk about Emilia and Romagna as two separate entities. Whatever you do don’t ask for Spaghetti Bolognaise.”

In 1978 Roger set up Pyramid in Bologna; recently rebranded as Pyramid Temi Group. Over the years the company  has branched out from retail loss prevention and established itself as point of reference for international corporate customers, giving them the added value of local knowledge, and international experience to Italian businesses.
In 2008 Roger put together an international corporate security consultancy, TEMI GROUP Ltd, with partners based in Italy, Finland, Spain and South Africa. Temi is now operating out of 15 countries.
He holds the ASIS International security professional certification, CPP is a BSI Lead Auditor ISO 27001 and RabQsa Lead Auditor in Security Management Systems and ISO 28000.
He represents UNI (the Italian Standardisation Organisation) on ISO and CEN committees and is an Evaluator and Reviewer for EC Horizon 2020 projects.
Since 2012 Pyramid Temi Group has become the main provider, to Italian multinationals operating in risk environments, of Travel Risk Management consulting and in-loco security services. Pyramid Temi Group operates in compliance with international Duty of Care principles, is certified to ANSI ASIS PSC1 and a founder member of ICoCA.

Pyramid Temi Group placed among Europe’s elite in the FT1000 Europe’s fastest growing companies 2017.




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