Game activities that help us handle stress reactions in children

Apr 1, 2020 | Information Portal, Members news, News

Dear Members and friends,

please find below a PDF document written for parents regarding how best to handle children during this difficult period of home schooling.

It was written by the British School of Milan’s psychologist for school parents, yet its content, with concrete examples on how to spot stress in children and practical ways on how to help them through these difficult times, may prove very useful to all parents.  For this reason the British School of Milan has shared it with the BCCI Community at large.

Say safe and keep positive.

The situation we are currently living obviously has an impact also on our children, because they feel our worries and anxieties, and even if we try our best not to make them feel our worries, kids are very perceptive, they understand a lot more than what we think. Has it ever occurred to you that you were in the same room with your kid, playing with him, but in the mean time you were thinking about some work issues or something else, and your son would suddenly ask you “mom/dad why are you sad/mad?” or “mom/dad play with me”, while you where actually there, playing with them? This happens because they have perceived an absent presence. Let’s have a look at the phases of the indirect consequences of coronavirus and the possible impact it may have on your child.