ILS provides Support for Online Calls and Meetings in English during the COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 28, 2020 | Information Portal, Members news, News

With the sudden spike in Working from Home, or Smart Working, due to the Covid-19 emergency, even more business people are having regular online communications in English. This can cause unneeded stress, as not only can technology let us down, but the uncertainty around some key English expressions can lead to online panic!

For this reason, ILS has created a series of four videos to help you manage more your online meetings effectively.

We are proud to make this material available to our clients and the larger business community at no cost, as our contribution to Italy during this time of need. 

The “ILS Brain Bootcamp” project

4 short video episodes where our experienced English teacher Anna tackles the very relevant challenges one might face when having to use online communication while working from home:

#1 “Connecting online: Dealing with Technical Difficulties”
Potential issues that arise when first connecting
and how to deal with them using correct and straightforward English expressions.
Click here for: Video Worksheet
#2 “Getting started: Opening an online call”
Let’s pinpoint how to effectively begin a virtual call. 
Click here for: VideoWorksheet
#3 “Diving into an online call: Asking Questions and Interacting”
A set of different techniques to be an active participant.
 Click here for: VideoWorksheet
#4 “Wrapping up: Recapping and Closing an online call”
Useful phrases to summarize the main points and objectives as well as finish the call. 
Click here for: Video Worksheet

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