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Etrash is a project born with the goal of mitigating the environmental impact generated by corporate waste, through an optimized management of waste sorting. Its essence lies in the desire to make the waste disposal process more efficient, simple, and accessible, emphasizing the importance of collective participation towards a more sustainable society. Every year, we produce more than 2.5 billion tons of waste, of which only 13% is recycled, polluting our planet. A lack of awareness and disparities about waste sorting regulations complicate the correct separation of waste and increase the likelihood of errors. We have developed a smart bin that automates waste sorting through a system equipped with machine learning and sensors capable of identifying the material of a waste item and sorting it into the correct compartment for recycling. The data produced by the bins are then analyzed on a cloud platform, providing reports and insights useful for improving environmental performance and certifying a company's green commitment.

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Via Altinia, 79
Mogliano Veneto (TV)