Tom Noad appointed as new President

Jun 28, 2019 | General

It is with great pleasure that the Council of the BCCI informs its Members that Tom Noad has been appointed as new President at the 115th Annual General Meeting of the Chamber which took place at the Westin Palace yesterday. The BCCI would like to thank Daniel Shillito for his remarkable work during his two year term as President; Daniel is now Vice President – Immediate Past President.

During the AGM Victoria Rowlands and John J. Law MBE were appointed as new Vice Presidents, whilst Bob Franchini was appointed as new Treaurer. The BCCI would like to thank the former Treasurer, Roger King for his hard work and dedication over the past eight years.

We would like to welcome our new Councillor Nicol Ogston, Coordinator of the BCCI Next Gen Group.

In addition, Mariateresa Giussani who will take on the role as our new National Delegate supporting the Chamber’s regional development.