OMTRA i-Sigma conference & Expo 2022

May 23, 2022 | General, Information Portal, Members news, News


i-Sigma Conference & Expo 2022: the international exposition of OMTRA Società Benefit Giovanna Giulia Spadoni – GM & DPO of OMTRA Società Benefit- and Giorgio Spadoni – CEO – have participated as speakers at the i-Sigma Conference & Expo 2022 in Orlando, Florida, the international congress dedicated to Information Governance and Certified Destruction which, after a three-year stop due to the pandemic, has finally reopened its doors to professionals and companies from all over the planet.

Milan, 11/05/2022

In April, Giovanna Giulia and Giorgio Spadoni made OMTRA the star of the i-Sigma Conference & Expo 2022, sharing their knowledge and experience on topics related to environmental and social sustainability, information management, certified destruction and GDPR with industry experts of different cultures and nationalities in three panels.

“Leading these panels during the i-Sigma Conference & Expo 2022 was an extraordinary experience, even more so after my recent re-election as Board Director of the Association. We had the opportunity to talk about OMTRA’s experience and vision, emphasising the value of social and environmental sustainability within our business, which is a key concept for us. Proper information management is indispensable, especially in the historical context we are living in.” – says Giovanna Giulia Spadoni.

“Sustainable development has always played a central role in the way we do business: we are implementing a comprehensive social and environmental sustainability programme that improves the way we do business, and we have changed our company name to ‘OMTRA Società Benefit’ and embarked on a path to international B-Corp certification,” remarks Giorgio Spandoni

Giovanna Giulia and Giorgio Spadoni have reported on some of their considerations in three articles published in advance on our website, dealing with the following issues:

-Environmental and social sustainability are linked to economic results.

Today’s challenge is to reconcile people, skills and knowledge, so that our services and skills are adapted to customers’ needs, desires and expectations. As they grow and evolve, we too must change, not only in terms of the services we offer, but also in terms of our goals, philosophies and engagement with the community and the environment.

-B-Corp & Benefit Societies as a new way of doing business.

Becoming a Benefit Society and being B-Corp certified allows you to put your company’s commitment to social and even environmental causes on paper. Innovation, development and research from a sustainable perspective thus take on a central role.

-Making ESG Chains Multiply the Effects.

The supply chain is an economic system capable of generating benefits for industries, the environment and the community. A new vision of business, which unites Purpose-Driven Organisations and NGOs in an alliance capable of generating profit for businesses and promoting the wellbeing of the people and the environment.