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Stefania Lo Cascio
Honorary Regional Secretary for Puglia


Stefania Lo Cascio is the Regional Secretary for Puglia.

She has a University Degree in Languages and is the sole director of Worldwide Trusts Consultants s.r.l as well as Responsible Director of Trusts & Wealth Management Journal created in January 2008, after having directed Trusts & Trustees – Italian Edition for 12 years. She has been a member of the Veneto Association of Journalists since 1997, a member of The British Chamber of Commerce since 1997, BCCI Area Secretary since 1998 and BCCI Regional Secretary for Puglia since 2003.

After her degree in Languages at Verona University in 1993 she worked as a freelance technical consultant at the Verona Law Court and as an interpreter.

She created Worldwide Trusts Consultants s.r.l in 1997, based in Taranto. The company is editing Trusts & Wealth Management Journal after having edited Trusts & Trustees – Italian Edition for 12 years, the first journal about trusts written in Italian, which was first published in 1996. Stefania also organises conferences and meetings in Italy and abroad on trust and international matters.

Stefania has also organised many successful BCCI events in Puglia, including a conference on English Limited Company and Italian S.r.l in November 2000, a  conference on Invest in Scotland in October 2001, an English Phonetics Workshop in May 2003 (with 230 attending people between students and teachers), a conference Le Opportunità di Business del Regno Unito: Uno sguardo nuovo sul Regno Unito a partire dalle Olimpiadi 2012 in October 2011, held in Taranto Chamber of Commerce, and finally a conference organized at Taranto University – Law Department with the British Consulate support: “ Women In Business – Creating a bridge between UK and Apulia region” in March 2013.





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