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On the evening of 21st September 2021, we hosted our annual Gala Dinner at Sheraton San Siro for our members and their guests. On the road to Glasgow COP 26 Conference this was a Green Gala in which we decided to celebrate all things Sustainability, by presenting the BCCI Business Sustainability Excellence Awards. The awards were presented by our Guest of Honour HMA Jill Morris CMG and BCCI President Steven Sprague.

Over the course of the evening 9 awards were presented:


  1. 🏆Barclays Award for Green Finance presented to Intesa Sanpaolo🏆

“Intesa Sanpaolo is a committed leading sustainable bank that supports its clients and the broader economy in the transition towards ESG practices. Moreover, Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the pioneers in ESG financing across the European banking sector and has been one of the most regular European Green Bond issuer since 2017.”


  1. 🏆BSI Award for Diversity & Inclusivity presented to Deloitte Business Solution🏆

“We are very proud to be able to award Deloitte Business Solution this important recognition linked to such an important and relevant topic. At BSI we are very keen on the aspect of Diversity & Inclusion which we consider a fundamental factor both for the well-being of people and for ensuring stable and above all sustainable growth for organizations. Deloitte Business Solution has continued over the years to bring diversity to their business, not only externally but with shareholders also.”


  1. 🏆CBRE GWS S.p.a Award for Resilience presented to Angelini🏆

“We decided to present the Resilience Award to Angelini in particular because of their new HQ project in Roma, Casa Angelini, a property designed and developed within green guidelines and the result of important urban redevelopment. This headquarters is not only a true example of innovation with respect to sustainability, but it also clearly demonstrates a commitment to and respect for social responsibility, which are strongly aligned with the values ​​of the Angelini Group”


  1. 🏆Giambrone & Partners Award for Internationalisation presented to Sealance🏆

“Sealance promotes an innovative solution to revolutionize maritime propulsion as well as conceiving a new way of understanding maritime transport thanks to the use of electric technology. Founded in 2017, it now represents an amalgamated reality in the sector with customers from every corner of the planet, becoming an ambassador of the Made in Italy 4.0” 


  1. 🏆Intertek S.p.a Award for Sustainability Assurance presented to Gruppo Gatto🏆

“The Group is constantly committed to implementing its approach to sustainability while respecting social relations. The company policy is oriented towards the optimization of resources and work activities to reduce the environmental impact and guarantee a social well-being to its staff and to the whole community. The constant certification process of the Group’s companies is a demonstration and a continuous monitoring of how important the attention to the environment and sociality is for Gatto, while always maintaining high production standards. Gatto Group is convinced that total sustainability will represent an investment for the future, rather than an expense; a shared value for the entire system with which it operates. Gatto Group embraces this approach by focusing on environment, product, life cycle and distribution to build its sustainable model: the group has obtained the GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard), thus achieving a goal in sustainability and, in partnership with Gruppo Hera and Rougj, has launched the first experimental project combining circular economy and cosmetics PoP.”


  1. 🏆Lloyds Award for Innovation presented to Anglo Lombarda Insurance Brokers🏆

“The broker created an innovative insurance product, both in terms of insurance guarantees and distribution model, which also sees the involvement of a European consortium of insurance intermediaries. This initiative is in line with Lloyd’s key strategy objectives to continue offering clients innovative solutions and also shows how to take advantage of the new Lloyd’s Insurance Company structure to expand in the continent.”


  1. 🏆Lloyds Award for Innovation presented to Wide Group🏆

“The broker created insurance schemes with the highest-level guarantees but at a reduced cost, thus allowing less well-off families, facing financial difficulties in this historical period, access the Lloyd’s insurance protection and recover faster. Lloyd’s is very interested in the social role of the insurance and this product is perfect evidence of how innovation can close the social distance gap.”



  1. 🏆Marsh S.p.a Award for Digitalisation presented to Nexi🏆

“After a careful evaluation with The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy, today we want to recognize Nexi’s value as a company that strives every day to simplify and make technology truly “at hand”, in a sector has evolved extraordinarily, such as payments.  In the last 5 years, Nexi has invested more than one billion euros in its technological evolution, standing out by combining user-friendliness, speed and security in its payment solution offer, paying attention to security, integration and management at the same time.”


  1. 🏆UPS Award for Sustainable Logistics presented to Dyson🏆

“Dyson put a serious commitment to significantly offset CO2 and CO2e emissions related to delivery of its products in Italy relying on UPS’ expertise. In this way, Dyson will offer to its customers a sustainable delivery by using UPS’ green services and solutions among which Contractual Carbon Neutral (expected 974 tons CO2e compensated), delivery to UPS Access Point locations and Ship to Store (estimated reduction of -220 CO2 tons release), and a digital Customized Notification System putting the customer in control of his package (-95 CO2 tons released) to maximize its logistics efficiency. Finally, the company is developing a sustainable delivery service by implementing Reusable Packaging for revers logistics, meaning that no more card (-33 thousand) would be needed to send devices to repair center. Therefore, we want to acknowledge Dyson for its dedicated spirit and to have team-worked with UPS Italia to achieve such significant goal.”


A very special thank you to those of you that attended and made the evening such a great success.


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