Reilly & Tesoro Employment Law Firm opens for business in Milan

Jan 29, 2020 | News

2020 sees the launch of Reilly & Tesoro Employment Law Firm, a boutique specialising in employment law and industrial relations, based in Milan. A natural evolution for the two founding partners, Sharon Reilly and Marco Tesoro, after a career spent with the leading employment law firms in Italy. They are joined by Chiara Perrone, a long-time colleague and member of a team that will grow in the coming months, thanks to a selection process currently underway.

With a well-stocked and expanding portfolio of national and international clients, Reilly & Tesoro consolidates the trend towards specialization in its area of practice. A new player capable of satisfying the growing demand of clients looking for a high-profile and tailor-made service in the field of employment law, is a welcome addition to the Italian market.

“Our deep technical knowledge of Italian employment law combined with fluidity in communication and a consolidated experience in doing business in Italy are a value-add added, especially when it comes to advising Anglo-Saxon companies. Our background and training allow us to identify and manage cultural, legal and commercial differences between Italy and the world and bridge that gap” says Sharon Reilly, Managing Partner.

The distinctive feature of Reilly & Tesoro is its pragmatic approach to the everyday problems that arise in the workplace, offering practical and risk-based solutions to businesses and partnering with their HR team to manage the daily challenges, swiftly and efficiently.

“For years now we have been assisting companies and groups operating across sectors in Italy and abroad, managing multiple types of activities on a daily basis: from reorganizations to extraordinary transactions, including cross-border and from day-to-day consulting to litigation”. Marco Tesoro, co-founding partner, adds “we will continue to do so at Reilly & Tesoro with professionalism, integrity and a strategic mindset, the key values that have always been the hallmark of our business”.

The biographies of the two founding partners
Sharon Reilly, a graduate of the University of Glasgow. She spent the first 10 years of her career as a Solicitor in a Glasgow, Scotland, where she became a partner at the firm of John S. Boyle, Berman and Scullion at the age of 29. After moving to Italy, Sharon joined Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo, spending 7 very formative years working closely with Franco Toffoletto and the Ius Laboris Alliance. Afterwards, she moved to Lablaw as a partner, heading up the firm’s international practice for four years, before moving to UnioLex to do the same.

Marco Tesoro, graduated with honors from the Catholic University of Milan, did a period of study in the United States and a graduate program in Australia at Ashurst. Before founding Reilly & Tesoro, he worked at LabLaw and most recently at UnioLex as a senior associate.

About the firm
Reilly & Tesoro Employment Law Firm is a law firm focused exclusively on employment law and industrial relations. The firm embodies the diverse backgrounds, training, character and experience of its founding partners, Sharon Reilly and Marco Tesoro.

Whether it’s to restructure a business, give day-to-day advice, or litigate a dispute, the firm puts to work their niche skills set, integrity and strategic mindset to guarantee a top-notch service to satisfy all its clients’ business needs.

The firm truly strives to be valued business partners to each and every one of their clients and to deliver the best results in the shortest time possible. They work alongside their clients to ensure an optimal management of the workforce and trade union relations, foreseeing their needs and flagging up potential risks at each stage of the business.

Reilly & Tesoro prides itself on its hands-on approach, attention to detail and always keeping an eye on future developments in business and law.