Rentokil Initial among the best women-run businesses

Jul 11, 2022 | General, Information Portal, Members news, News

With leading management figures and the entire Board of Directors made up of women, the Italian subsidiary of the British multinational Rentokil Initial has received the “Felix Industry Award” budgetary honour. The company was recognised as one of the best women-run businesses for management performance and financial reliability and was selected by Cerved through a competitive algorithm.

The company is a world leader in services for companies in the field of disinfection, disinfestation and sanitisation under the Rentokil brand, and in hygiene services for people and environments under the Initial brand.

Elena Ossanna, president and managing director, emphasises her satisfaction with the all-female leadership, which has also led to growth in turnover and profits in 2021.

“I must say that being awarded as best female-led company was a source of great pride. In fact, we have an all-female board of directors with me as chairman and CEO and then two directors, Francesca Ferretti as legal and compliance director and Emma Mercer who is Cfo Europe. But we have not stopped there, we also have many female professionals within our company at all levels of the organisation. We have women covering managerial roles amounting to 32 per cent of total management, which is a commendable percentage I would say’.

A success reconfirmed during the pandemic.

“Our mission is clear: we want to provide services that improve people’s quality of life while protecting their health and wellbeing”.

On the environmental sustainability front, the company is committed to achieving zero emissions by 2040 for its entire fleet, a process that already began two years ago with the replacement of vehicles with electric vehicles. The Italian subsidiary was the first of the group in Europe to be completely supplied with electricity from renewable sources.

“In conclusion, sustainability issues encompass our entire strategy, and therefore financial performance is also a demonstration of our commitment to the environment.