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Tom Noad

Tom Noad

President & Chair of Sustainability Working Group - The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy & Of Counsel at L2B Partners

Paule Ansoleaga Abascal

Paule Ansoleaga Abascal

BCCI Councillor

Carmen Barone

Carmen Barone

BCCI Sustainability Committee Coordinator


The Chamber’s Sustainability Manifesto

We need to change the way we do business. Not just to save the planet from the devastating effects of climate change, which are imminent, but to make the world a more equitable, a more just and a more civilised place for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

In broad terms, this is the objective agreed by the 196 Parties at the UN Climate Conference in Paris in 2015, a global mission which the UN embodied in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2030.

At the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy, we stand for “better business”; in other words, we want to promote and support companies which show respect for the environment they inhabit and the people they affect, well beyond their immediate beneficiaries and stakeholders. As such, we believe firmly in the advancement and encouragement of those working to help achieve the SDGs.

We give life to this belief in three principal ways:

  • Firstly, by championing and celebrating those in our business community who are already making strides towards the achievement of the SDGs;
  • Secondly, by encouraging those who are yet to take action, to do so, particularly by committing themselves to endorsed pledge mechanisms such as Science Based Targets or the SME Climate Hub (among many others) and by getting involved with our key partner, the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS);
  • Thirdly, by developing and nurturing a community not just of shared interest, but of shared purpose, of like-minded people and businesses which will in turn encourage others to join and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

We are proud of the businesses which are committed to this mission and which have invested in that by being part of the Chamber’s Sustainability Working Group and whose logos we are honoured to show on this page.

If you or your business wants to join our mission, please contact us.  
In the meantime, we hope you find this page a source of useful information and inspiration!

We want to hear from you.  Get in touch with us.


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