Technology Social Venture Report – BCCI Observatory 2020

Feb 7, 2020 | News

The Technology Social Venture Report, is an academic research carried out by two young BCCI members, Gianlorenzo Meggio and Gianlorenzo Spadoni.  The research focuses on “social ventures” enterprises with a significant technological component.  The report is a synthesis of an extensive research and analysis carried out by the authors.  The research also compiled a unique database of 345 Technology Social Ventures based largely in the UK and Italy. 

The Chamber is very proud to share this report with all the members.

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For further information please contact the authors, Gianlorenzo Meggio and Gianandrea Spadoni.



Why – Need of radical change

In a world in constant transformation, affected by wide-ranging social, technological and political challenges, the limits of the current capitalistic system are clearly emerging, raising the awareness in the public opinion that a change is needed. Still, barriers and resistances to change do exist, leading to minor changes that preserve the status-quo.

Conversely, a new radical mindset should guide decision-makers to better understand how each one can influence society and, in general terms, it should push anyone to act for a more inclusive prosperity.

How – Market revolution

However, this kind of revolution needs a joint effort to be effective: on the one hand, policy-makers should give guidelines, including new metrics to assess their interventions and setting rules in order to guarantee equality during the transition; on the other hand, corporations will try to implement or even precede those directives to build a shared path ensuring them a long term survival and minimizing possible negative externalities.

Finally, at the same time, also the philanthropic sector is trying to evolve, adopting leverages and behaviours that allow to make it more efficient and to build a more self-sustainable impact, getting closer to the business-logics.

What – Hybridization

Therefore, in the next years, we expect an hybridization among different sectors – public, private and no-profit -, in terms of goals and means: the Shared Value concept will become key for most of the companies that, understanding the threats and opportunities deriving from a more stakeholder-driven approach, will create several new inter-sectorial relations, leading to the growth of a Fourth sector. This will result in the rise of new business opportunities that, however, will require up-to-date managerial skills and practices to properly handle such complexity.

These are the reasons why enterprises like Technology Social Ventures are interesting, since they can symbolise a pioneering success-case that merges social and business perspectives, providing insights

on future managerial trends.