Vasapolli & Associati | Italy: Beneficial tax regimes for individuals

Aug 5, 2022 | General, Information Portal, Members news, News

Andrea Vasapolli, BCCI Honorary Regional Secretary for Piedmont, and Vasapolli & Associati are pleased to inform you that their latest brochure, “Italy: Beneficial tax regimes for individuals. The tax benefit reasons for moving to Italy”, has been released.

Italy has so much to offer to residents: timeless and culture-rich cities, romantic hill towns, superb mountains, amazing islands, vineyard-covered countryside and a stunning coastline. Furthermore art, culture, history, architecture, fashion and lifestyle, food and wine. There is also no shortage of investment opportunities in a country which has one of the world’s leading economies and represent an easy access to the rest of Europe.

This is La Dolce Vita: it’s about surrounding yourself with beauty, taking the time to enjoy the simplest experiences – like an espresso coffee in a Florentine square – and the most extraordinary ones – like the Milan Fashion Week – without renouncing to the opportunities that only a country that plays a leading role on the international economic stage can offer.

Tax benefits for individuals play a key role in making moving to Italy an ideal choice. This brochure provides a presentation of the most advantageous tax regimes for people who move their residence to work or live in Italy.