BCCI Gender Balance Campaign ✔ More volume to the voices of female CEOs

May 7, 2021 | D&I, Inclusive-Finance, Information Portal, News


Dear Members and Friends,

As you probably have already seen on our website and social media, following the first-ever (and long-overdue) post dedicated to the women of the BCCI, we have recently launched a brand new membership campaign called the BCCI Gender Balance Campaign, as a way to engage more female led companies, to encourage diversity and support women who are holding leadership roles.
The campaign ties into the EU Month of Diversity, May 2021.

Joining this initiative will grant any business led by a female CEO (or equivalent) a 50% reduction in Membership for the first year.

This offer includes upgrades in membership tiers for existing members of the Chamber.

Through this Campaign, the Chamber’s underlying values of diversity and inclusion are given a new action potential, capable of improving our community for the good of all.

BCCI President Tom Noad and I would be delighted if you could spread the word to businesses currently led by talented women you are in contact with and who would benefit from joining our vibrant community and let them know or put them in contact with me or Maria Rosa Allegra – BCCI Business Development Manager.

Kind regards

Aaron Pugliesi
Secretary General & CEO, The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy
Co-Chair, BCCI D&I Committee