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AIFI – Associazione Italiana del Private Equity, Venture Capital e Private Debt
Address: Via Pietro Mascagni, 7 – Milano
Membership Type: Special Sustaining
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The Italian Private Equity, Venture Capital and Private Debt Association (AIFI) was founded in May 1986 in order to promote, develop and institutionally represent private equity and venture capital activity in Italy. AIFI’s objectives are to: support and facilitate the development of private equity, venture capital and private debt activity in Italy and abroad; work with government entities to improve the legal environment of the private equity, venture capital and private debt investment activity; increase awareness and understanding of the private equity, venture capital and private debt industry in Italy; coordinate the creation of qualified managerial groups both in associated companies and the connected firms; collect and present information about the industry; act as an interface and link to Italian and international financial players; create a network between research centres and venture capitalists, in order to promote successful entrepreneurial ideas; maintain ethical and professional standards in the private equity, venture capital and private debt industry. AIFI is a non-profit organisation which counted 107 full members and 125 associate members at present. Full membership is open to private equity players and venture capitalists whose main task is to take equity participations in enterprises and also to private debt players. The full members matrix is quite heterogeneous – including Italian banks and their subsidiaries, private investment companies, Italian closed-end funds, international closed-end funds as well as public players. Associate membership applies to organisations providing services to the private equity industry such as accountancy firms, law firms, banks, consultancy groups, institutions as well as Italian and foreign associations.

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Address: Via Pantano 2, Milano
Membership Type: Sustaining
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The purpose of AssoFintech is to share and analyze the skills in the field of Financial Technology, allowing Italy to be among the main hubs for Fintech and Insurtech. Our model is born from the dialogue and comparison with the main international associations and institutions, the goal is to create and implement successful projects, create an entrepreneurial, social and regulatory ecosystem favorable to the development of the sector in Italy, increase awareness of the sector and technological innovation.

AssoFintech offers its members three main services in the technofinance sector: Information and training, Public Affairs and Networking. Assofintech’s team offers opportunities to meet the authoritative representatives of: institutions, regulators, business, finance, professions and universities. The association also organizes training courses for members and their staff providing papers, reports and insights related to financial technology.

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